It's not about what's on your plate. It's about what's in your head.

A lifetime of dieting doesn’t just waste your time and money; it also costs your mental health. Unlike diets, the 12 Week Reset uses positive psychology to improve your well-being while you lose weight. The program shows you how to feel free around food, positive about yourself, and optimistic about life. You’ll gain a blueprint to bounce back from life’s curveballs, achieve meaningful goals, and truly thrive.

When we say the 12 Week Reset isn't just about weight loss, we mean it. Our reset plans target three crucial areas:

Your Relationship With Food

  • Transform how you think, feel and act around food
  • Tune into your body’s hunger and fullness signals
  • Manage overeating and comfort eating effectively
  • Embrace gentle nutrition without restrictive rules
  • Let go of food guilt, anxiety, confusion and obsession
  • Enjoy your favorite foods without feeling out of control
  • Escape the diet trap for good

Your Mindset

  • Develop mindfulness skills to reduce stress and emotional reactivity
  • Break free from unhelpful thinking and decision-making patterns
  • Shift your beliefs about what’s possible for you
  • Cultivate self-knowledge, self-compassion, self-acceptance and self-worth
  • Recognize your unique combination of strengths and leverage these to achieve your goals
  • Build resilience to life's challenges
  • Experience more positive emotions, optimism and overall wellbeing

Your Habits

  • Build and maintain habits you actually want in your life
  • Find movement you actually enjoy
  • Break stubborn unwanted habits with ease
  • Build momentum as your self-belief grows
  • Feel energized throughout your day
  • Create a life you love with a body to match
  • Keep your results for life

Your wellbeing is our priority.

The 12 Week Reset was created by Orla McCallion, a registered Positive Psychology Practitioner who specialises in health behaviour change. Orla is a professional member of the Positive Psychology Guild, committed to the highest standards of ethical and evidence based practice. The 12 Week Reset is based on 6 core values:

  • Safety and wellbeing
  • Empathetic understanding
  • Unconditional positive regard
  • Positive language
  • Authentic leadership
  • Professional integrity

No weight stigma here.

Nearly half of adults in western cultures have faced weight stigma or discrimination, even from healthcare professionals. This can lead to harmful beliefs and self-judgment. We are dedicated to eliminating weight bias and promoting education on the biopsychosocial factors affecting weight management. None of our marketing materials, program content or coaching will ever include:

  • Judgments of any body type
  • Associations between weight and personal blame
  • Associations between weight and perceived beauty
  • Assumptions that anyone should want to lose weight for any reason

You're in safe hands.

Hit play below to hear how the 12 Week Reset transformed the lives of our past members… all without a single diet rule in sight!

Orla McCallion M.Sc.

Registered Positive Psychology Practitioner

Fiona McCallion M.Sc.

Registered Dietician

Ciara McCallion M.Sc.

Chartered Physiotherapist

Ready for a reset?

The first step for all new members is a free consultation call with Orla. This no-obligation, supportive call will cover your challenges, goals, and any questions you have about the program. If the 12 Week Reset is right for you, we'll send you all the details to get started immediately. It's time to make changes that matter. It's time to reset!

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